Community Service

Alasas Elementary School recognizes the privilege of existing in barangay Alasas, San Fernando, Pampanga. The community and its children’s needs spawned the need for our existence and continues to be the reason for our servitude. In light of that, we endeavor to give back to the community in whatever small ways that our resources and capabilities allow us.

Our primary means of rendering public service is through the education of our dear students. By treating our profession as teachers as a labor of love, we would like to think that we make a difference in the community by instilling in each child not just academic knowledge but also values that society universally appreciates.

We are also active participants in civic works such as cleanup drives, Alay Lakad, tree planting activities and other activities supported by the DepEd and the local government. In cases of grave calamity to other parts of the Philippines, we extend whatever charity we can to help in relief operations.

By following the DepEd’s directives and by collaborating with the barangay and city government, we help make the City of San Fernando a better place in our own small way.