Alasas Elementary Receives Assistance for Website Maintenance

Alasas Elementary School Thanks Traveloka in Website Launch
July 17, 2017

Del Rosario Elementary School officially launched its website several months ago to usher its entry into the digital age.  Today, the school has received valuable assistance from RS Components Philippines that will allow the site to run after its initial year of service.

RS Philippines, a global distributor of engineering products, provided an assistance package that will cover expenses related to the website’s hosting and domain name. The two are vital, subscription-based elements that help websites stay up and running on the Internet.

The assistance was granted as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program where it collaborates organizations that represent causes which it views as being worthwhile. Chief among these causes is education, as RS believes its value in uplifting entire nations’ socio-economic conditions

“We are grateful that RS Components lent a helping hand to our school and our website,” says Mrs. Hilda Suba, Principal at Alasas Elementary School. “We can now breathe a sigh of relief that our website will continue to exist and serve its purpose of use to the students, the teachers and the rest of our community.”

The website currently serves an informational function, bringing awareness about its programs and ideals to the general public. Plans are currently being made to expand the site’s functionality to make it a hub of online learning in the future. Internet brings.

RS Components offers a vast selection of engineering equipment and peripherals internationally. These include sensors, electrical switches, electrical transformers, circuit breakers, measuring tools, hand tools, and different types of cable ties.

RS is the trading arm of Electrocomponents plc, a UK-based company that’s regarded globally as one of the most reliable suppliers of engineering products. Its regional headquarters is in Hong Kong while its local presence is in Makati City.